Gudrun Brunot
Voice-Over & Sound Design

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Voice-Over & Sound Design

Are you looking for someone to write, produce, or narrate a radio ad for your business? Does your newly designed computer game need some quirky characters or dorky effects? Could your local theater production benefit from  a creaking door, a cheering crowd, some fighting dogs, an airport announcement, some thunder and lightning, a piece of lyrical background music? Let Gudrun Brunot help you.

Voice-Over Training: Recently completed the course “Audiobook Adventurers” with Justin Marra and Elise Arsenault, Tree Cave. Studied voice-over techniques in San Francisco with Western Public Radio and with Lucille Bliss of the Smurf Show.

Experience: Commercials and infomercials performed for translation agencies in studios in the Bay Area; promotional ads for musical and arts events for the Cascadia Music Association and the Confluence Gallery in the Methow Valley; local theater soundscapes for productions by the Methow Valley Theater and the Twisp Merc Playhouse. Writes, produces, and narrates a weekly radio show, called "The Woman in Black," for the Methow Valley local radio station, KTRT, 97.5 in Winthrop, Washington, featuring story reading, character dialogues, music, and scripted announcements. Click here for a sample scene.

Click here to listen to clips from commercials, promos, and audio excerpts from translations.

Feel free to contact me for further details, such as rates and references.