Gudrun Brunot
Voice-Over Actor & Vocal Performer

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Voice-Over & Sound Design Samples

The following are MP3 files which you can download and listen to. If you don't automatically hear audio when you click on these links, we recommend downloading the latest version of Windows Media Player.

Examples of commercials recently recorded.

Loreal Commercial

Cascadia Radio Ad

Woman in Black Episodes:
     Fun & Games Or Bite Your Nails Episode 1
     Fun & Games Or Bite Your Nails Episode 2
     Fun & Games Or Bite Your Nails Episode 3
     Fun & Games Or Bite Your Nails Episode 4
     Fun & Games Or Bite Your Nails Episode 5

Radio Show Samples

Harry by Rosemary Timperley
First person narrative. Multiple character dialogue. Doctor assures mother that Harry is a good pretend brother for Chris, but Mom is not reassured.

Wet Saturday by John Collier
Absurd Third person narrative Multi-character dialogue Mr. Princey detests his family, loves his ill-kept house and predictable daily grind—all possibly to be forfeited by the clumsy and stupid murder committed by his cloddish daughter Millicent.

Enough Rope for Two
Hardcore Third person narrative. Multi-character dialogue: 2 male, one female. Newly released prisoner has long been waiting to settle his score.

Childhood of Tristan
Medieval romance. First person narrative. The bard speaks.

Interrogation of Young Serving Maid Britta Nilsdotter Accused of Witchcraft
Britta Nilsdotter is the beloved serving maid at the rectory, and when brought in to the courthouse for questioning, she is frank and unafraid in the secure knowledge of her innocence. In the ghastliest case of judicial misconduct, 65 women, 2 men, and 4 children were beheaded and burned in Thorsäker, Sweden on June 1, 1675.

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