Gudrun Brunot
Translator & Interpretor

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Language pairs--translation: Swedish into English; English into Swedish; French into English or Swedish.

Language pairs—telephone interpreting: Swedish into English, English into Swedish.

Primary interest: literary translation as illustrated in the text and audio translation samples. Over 20 years’ experience translating in a variety of technical, medical, and other subject areas.

Accreditation and Certificates: M.A. in French, German, and English from various universities in Sweden. Single-Subject Secondary Clear Credential from the Commission of Teacher Licensing in Sacramento, California. Accreditation from the American Translators' Association for translation of French into English. Member of several translation organizations, Notis, ATA, and the American Literary Translators’ Association (ALTA).

Published Translations: "The Brides of Midsummer," translated from Swedish and published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press on February 15, 2014. The Swedish title is "Brudarnas källa," written by Vilhelm Moberg, one of Sweden's foremost authors.

I read the book in my teens and decided that if ever I translated a novel, this would be the one. Four men, all village musicians, tell the story, each narrator taking us further and further back in time--starting in the 1930's, to the plague era of 1711, to the unrest of 1543, and finally to an important prehistoric ceremony honoring the mighty godhead of fertility. One central theme throughout the novel is the all-knowing spring--always running north, never running dry-- condemning nothing and favoring no one.

Hear the tale of each narrator and his true love, learn what it meant to be a bride of midsummer (or Saint John's night); slowly discover how the spring acquired its healing power.Click here to buy the book at

Samples of materials translated:
  • Personal correspondence, research papers, school transcripts
  • French Brevet exam into English
  • tele-communication CableData installation manuals
  • computer software manuals, website texts, hardware specifications
  • equipment manuals, descriptions, and operating instructions
  • health questionnaires, journal entries, device descriptions, drug package inserts, medical articles
  • company promotionals, franchise agreements, financial records and reports
  • newspaper articles, short stories, song lyrics and poetry
  • taped conversations, court documents.

  • Gudrun in her office
    Gudrun in her office

    Previous and current clients: Worked since 1985 as a free-lance translator for a number of translation agencies in the United States, including Betmar Languages, Inc., MasterWord Services, Inc., Tristan Translations, American Federation of Teachers, Accurate Translations, Seven Languages Translating Services, Atlas Interpreters, International Contact, MS Language and Technology, Inc. Served as an interpreter during court depositions, some on site, some over the phone. Certified as a telephone interpreter with CyraCom International Inc – and also working in this capacity for Certified Languages.

    Rates to be discussed in conjunction with assignment. Determining factors are:
    1) complexity of the format of material received, formatted, and sent
    2) amount of research necessary to ensure accuracy
    3) technical level of the material
    4) how imminent is the deadline—rush or standard assignment
    5) language pair—Swedish, be it source or target language--is more expensive than the bigger languages.

    Text & Audio Translation Samples

    Feel free to contact me for further details, such as rates and references.