Gudrun Brunot
Vocal Performer

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J-Walking CD Release

On October 7, 2011, Gudrun celebrated her first CD album, J-Walking, with a release party for the entire neighborhood. The CD features a variety of genres—a ghostly ballad, two madrigals, art songs, a Ukrainian folk song, a sea shanty spoof, plus a heartfelt depiction of the harsh life of a homeless street musician. Selections are performed in French, German, Russian, Swedish, and English. Two of the songs are original compositions.

Albums are $15 plus shipping and can be purchased directly from Gudrun or online through the CD Baby website.

Click the links below to listen to samples from J-Walking.

Gudrun's new CD J-Walking

01 My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose

02 Though Philomela Lost Her Love

03 Our Smelly Captain

04 The Hump-Backed Fiddler

05 The Bay of Biscay-o

06 The Call

07 L'Accordéon

08 Poterala

09 Fine Knacks for Ladies

10 Dein Blaues Auge

11 Eastern Lands

12 The Bonny Boy

13 Ain't Technology Great

Buy it directly from Gudrun

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