Gudrun Brunot
Translator, Vocal Performer & Voice-Over Actor

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Click on the links below to read and hear some samples of translation work.

The following are MP3 files which you can download and listen to. If you don't automatically hear audio when you click on these links, we recommend downloading the latest version of Windows Media Player.

Read part of this Swedish poem and it's translation into English, then click on the audio link to hear how it ends.

    “Porträtterna” Family Portraits Av Anna Maria Lenngren (1755-1817)
  • Text Source: Part 1 Swedish Text
  • Audio Source: Read in Swedish
  • Text Target: Part 1 Translated to English
  • AudioTarget: Read in English

    “Brudarnas Källa” Brides of Midsummer by Vilhelm Moberg (1937)
    His life has been hard and he may never play for the dancers again.
    I first read this book as a teenager and decided that, if ever I embarked on the field of translation, this book would be a must.
  • Text Source:Pages 7-9 Swedish Text
  • Audio Source Read in Swedish
  • Text Target: Swedish Pages Translated to English
  • Audio Target Read in English

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