Gudrun Brunot
Translator, Vocal Performer & Voice-Over Actor

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About Gudrun

Gudrun was born and raised in Sweden and studied French, English, and German at the universities of Stockholm and Lund. She worked for the Gothenburg school district in adult education as a teacher of English and French. In 1981, she left Sweden and moved to the San Francisco area, where she worked as a student services coordinator for San Francisco State University, and later collaborated on the development of a software program for visually impaired computer users. For several years, she worked as a counselor/teacher for the California State Department of Rehabilitation and also began translating on a free-lance basis in 1985. In 1999, she moved to Twisp, Washington, located in the beautiful Methow Valley.

Gudrun has served as a translator and editor, telephone interpreter, and as an assessor of trainees during role plays for marketing scenarios, and her customers include companies in Europe, Japan, and the United States. She has worked as a voice-over artist and producer, soundscape designer for local theater groups, and as a local radio show host and producer.

Gudrun studied voice with a variety of teachers and coaches and, as a performer, has combined her interest in musical arrangements, singing, and translation by rendering songs from her native Swedish into English. Between 2002 and 2010, she worked as project coordinator for Cascadia, a nonprofit organization with a mission to further music education, performance, and participation in the valley. She has taught voice to several music students in the Methow Valley and is now offering vocal instruction via Skype. Gudrun works with a partner, Rob, a former restaurateur and graphics designer. Together, they have produced radio shows and promotional ads, sound CD’s with photos and annotations, and been in charge of menus and food preparation associated with fundraising events, both for Cascadia and The Confluence art gallery. The offices of Gudrun and Rob sport a sound recording setup, where they produce radio shows, create sound effects, edit recordings of local music events, produce demo/audition CDs for music students, etc.

On October 7, 2011, Gudrun celebrated her first CD album, J-Walking, with a release party for the entire neighborhood. The CD features a variety of genres—a ghostly ballad, two madrigals, art songs, a Ukrainian folk song, a sea shanty spoof, plus a heartfelt depiction of the harsh life of a homeless street musician. Selections are performed in French, German, Russian, Swedish, and English. Two of the songs are original compositions. Click here to learn more about the CD, listen to some sample clips, and purchase it.

In February 2014, Gudrun's English translation of Swedish writer Vilhelm Moberg's "Brudarnas källa," "The Brides of Midsummer," was published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press. Vilhelm Moberg is one of Sweden's foremost authors. In the book, four village musicians tell the story, each narrator taking us further and further back in time--starting in the 1930's, to the plague era of 1711, to the unrest of 1543, and finally to an important prehistoric ceremony honoring the mighty godhead of fertility. One central theme throughout the novel is the spring--always running north, never running dry--who knows all, condemns nothing and favors no one. Hear the tale of each narrator and his true love, learn what it means to be a bride of midsummer (or Saint John's night); slowly discover how the spring acquires its healing power. Click here to find out more and buy the book on

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